Diesel Generator


TIGER-180YC – 178 kVA Generator

ESP Power  178 kVA
PRP Power   162,5 kVA
Rotation speed  1500 rpm
Fuel tank capacity  285 Liters
Number of cylinders  6
Autostart  optional
Available in Three Phase 234,8 A


PRP : Prime Rated Power : 162,5 kVA / 129,6 kW
ESP : Emergency Standby Power : 178 kVA / 142,4 kW
Voltage : 230-400V
Power factor : 0.8 (cosΦ)
Rotation speed : 1500 rpm
Number of phases : 3
Frequency : 50 Hz
Fuel tank autonomy at 75% : 13 hours
Fuel tank capacity : 285L
Dimensions (LxWxH) : 3400x1100x1900 mm
Weight : 2660 kg

Engine specifications :

Number of cylinders : 6
Governor type : electronic
Specifications : 4-cycle engine, direct fuel injection , liquid-based cooling
Cylinder broke*piston stroke : 108*132 mm
Displacement : 7,25 L
Maximum standby power at rated rotation 1500tr/min : 145 kW
Maximum standby power at rated rotation 1500tr/min : 200 Cv
Compression ratio : 17,5:1
Engine starting type : electrical 24V
Exhaust gas temperature : 512C°
Oil capacity : 22 L
Air inlet system : Turbocompressed-intercooler
Capacity of coolant in engine and radiator : 30 L
Max water temperature : 95C°
Type of coolant : water and glycol (glycol at 30%)

Alternator specifications :

Amperage : 234,8 A
Excitation system : Self Excited
AVR : Stamford
Voltage regulation type : electronic
IP code : 23
Insulation class: H


178 kVA Diesel generator This 6 cylinders of this 178 kVA (back-up power) diesel genset offers impressive resistance to the most extreme of load demands. All electrical equipment is 24 volts and guarantees immediate start-up.

It can be used to guarantee power in hotels, construction sites, packing plants, farms, greenhouses, retirement homes, vineyards, nursery home,sawmills and water treatment stations.

Fitted with a 4-pole thermal-magnetic circuit breaker with adjustable differential and a Deep Sea control panel, it is also available as an option with an automatic transfer switch.

Available in enclosed, containerised and open versions, it benefits from a 3-year warranty* (mainland France)  and it also offers a Bi-Oil option (vegetable oil)  and cogeneration option for producing heat and hot water.

Available in enclosed, containerised and open versions with a 3-year warranty*. (Mainland France)

The TIGER range has been designed to operate round the clock at 70%-80% load over tens of thousands of hours.

This genset is equiped with four poles thermal magnetic circuit breaker with ajustable differential switches and with a DEEPSEA control panel. An automatic transfer switch system can be added.

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