Secteur appli pénurie

In order to cope with the expected shortage of energy this winter, the government is implementing a “sobriety” plan with measures to reduce consumption for many businesses and industries.

Have you thought about equipping yourself with a robust and durable generator that will take over to guarantee continuous energy production, in addition to rescuing your electrical installation?

The demand for GELEC generators is exploding! We would like to thank all our customers for their confidence! Our stock of machines is limited but thanks to our anticipation and increased production (thanks to the GELEC Energy team for their investment!), a new large stock of generators will be available in December.

We invite you to contact us quickly in order to ensure the availability of the power(s) you may need (within the limits of available stocks).

Diesel Generator

For professionals



GELEC diesel generators are intelligent machines, capable of supplying a wide range of electrical equipment for a variety of applications.

Our generators are economical, offer low operating costs and are easy to use.

Resolutely designed as real industrial tools, all the generating sets in our ranges dedicated to craftsmen, farmers and industry professionals are certified “heavy duty” for normal intensive use, in safe or emergency mode.

As an assembler, GELEC Energy has created a range of reliable and robust industrial generating sets, offering all the technological developments necessary for modern use of the equipment.


Careful selection of our suppliers of materials and components has enabled us to reduce purchasing costs. We cooperate with reliable suppliers, working with highly efficient production equipment.

Rational management systems and streamlined production with competent subcontractors allow us to greatly improve our production performance.

As a result, we are able to offer high performance and safe generator sets at competitive prices.

Our products are manufactured in compliance with the European and French standards in force by an ISO 9001 certified company, controlled and tested at the end of the production line.

Our thermal generators meet CE and NF standards and are guaranteed for 3 years or 1000 hours*.

*3 years or 1000 hours warranty in France. Guarantee 1 year or 500 hours in international and DOM-TOM.

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Which generator for which use ?

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Mâts d'éclairage Gelec Energy

Thanks to an integrated generator, GELEC Energy lighting masts provide an autonomous supply of light.

With an 8.5 m telescopic mast, 340° rotation and 4 x 320 W LED lamps, they provide lighting for a minimum area of 5,000 m²…

GELEC Energy lighting columns are robust and therefore designed to adapt to all types of environment:

– Lighting for events
– Construction site lighting
– Emergency lighting
– Lighting for difficult to access areas
– Lighting for the oil and gas and mining industries
– Lighting for mining applications

Thanks to their trailer, they can be moved very easily.