Portable generator sets

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FROM 4,5 TO 11 kVA



In various situations such as construction or organizing events at locations without electrical access, portable generator sets play a key role in ensuring continuity of operations. Their compact design and durability allow for quick setup to provide stable and efficient power.



From 4.5 to 11 kVA, GELEC portable generator sets are manufactured in compliance with French and European standards by an ISO9001 certified company. Our generators also have the Stage V standard aimed at reducing gas toxicity and decreasing the amount of fine particles.



A selection of portable generator sets, in stock and ready to be shipped. With power ranges from 4.5 to 11 kVA and equipped with reliable Honda, Yanmar, Kubota engines, available in diesel, gasoline, single-phase, or three-phase versions.

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6 to 11 kVA


Power : 4,5 kVA


Power : 4,8 kVA


Power : 6,5 kVA


Power : 6 kVA


Power : 7 kVA


Power : 7 kVA


Power : 11 kVA


The wheelbarrow kit allows you to easily move your portable generator set according to your electricity needs.

Our services for portable generator sets

Preparation - After-sales Service - Financing



Each portable generator set is carefully prepared and rigorously checked before shipment to the customer, ensuring optimal performance from the first use. We ensure that the coolant and oil levels are filled, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience and maximum reliability right out of the box.



By acquiring equipment from GELEC Energy, you’ve entered a world of demands and performance.

GELEC offers a responsive after-sales service for your portable generator set, with a large quantity of spare parts available in stock.

Learn more about financing.



GELEC offers financing options when you purchase a portable generator set. We can provide payment terms tailored to your company, offering straightforward and practical solutions.

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How to choose your portable generator set?

What power to choose?

Power is indeed the most important criterion in choosing a portable generator set. To avoid ending up with an undersized or oversized unit, start by listing all the equipment you plan to power.

Next, calculate their total power consumption in watts or kilowatts. Keep in mind that some appliances, especially those with electric motors, require a starting power higher than their normal operating power. It is recommended to choose a generator with a power margin of at least 20% above your calculated requirement to avoid overloading.

What is the difference between single-phase and three-phase?

The distinction between single-phase and three-phase outlets is fundamental, as it affects the portable generator set‘s ability to power certain types of equipment.

Single-phase outlets are sufficient for most residential and small workshop applications, providing a voltage of 230V suitable for household appliances and tools.

On the other hand, three-phase outlets, typically offering a voltage of 400V, are essential for heavy industrial equipment requiring a more robust power supply. Choose a model that offers the outlet configuration suited to your needs for maximum flexibility and efficiency.

What is the difference between a portable generator set with a hood and one without a hood?

The main difference between a portable generator set with a hood and one without a hood lies in the protection and noise level provided by the equipment.

Portable generator with hood offers:

  • Enhanced protection: The hood provides an additional layer of protection against external elements such as rain, dust, and debris, which can be particularly useful in harsh outdoor working environments.
  • Lower noise level: Hooded portable generator sets are designed to reduce the noise generated during their operation. The hood acts as a sound barrier, making them ideal for residential areas, events, or any other context where noise needs to be minimized.


Portable generator without hood offers:

  • Access and cooling: Without the hood, the components of portable generator sets are more accessible, which can facilitate maintenance and repairs. Additionally, the absence of a hood promotes better airflow around the engine and components, helping to maintain the system at an optimal operating temperature in hot environments or during prolonged use.
  • Cost and weight: Hood-free portable generator sets may be less expensive and lighter than their hooded counterparts, making them easier to transport and install, especially for industrial applications or construction sites where noise protection is not a priority.

Stage V standard

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“Stage V” standard refers to the strictest European regulation on emissions for non-road engines, including those used in generator sets. It aims to significantly reduce pollution levels produced by diesel and gasoline engines by imposing very strict limits on emissions of particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen oxides (NOx), as well as other pollutants.




Generators compliant with Stage V standard incorporate advanced emission reduction technologies such as diesel particulate filters (DPF), selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems, and oxidation catalysts, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

Choosing a Stage V portable generator means opting for an environmentally friendly temporary power solution while complying with the most stringent environmental regulations.

1€48/month for 5 years, subject to acceptance by our financial partner.