Diesel Generator


JAGUAR-55YC – 55 kVA Generator


ESP Power  55 kVA
PRP Power   50 kVA
Rotation speed  1500 rpm
Fuel tank capacity  108 Liters
Number of cylinders  4
Autostart  optional
Available in Three Phase72,3A

Product Information


PRP : Prime Rated Power : 50 kVA / 40 kW
ESP : Emergency Standby Power : 55 kVA / 44 kW
Voltage : 230-400V
Power factor : 0.8 (cosΦ)
Rotation speed : 1500 rpm
Number of phases : 3
Frequency : 50 Hz
Fuel tank autonomy at 75% : 15 hours

Engine specifications :

Number of cylinders : 4
Governor type : electronic
Specifications : 4-cycle engine, direct fuel injection , liquid-based cooling
Displacement : 4,214 L
Maximum standby power at rated rotation 1500tr/min : 50 kW
Maximum standby power at rated rotation 1500tr/min : 68 Cv
Compression ratio : 17,5:1
Engine starting type : electrical 24V
Air inlet system : Turbocompressed

Alternator specifications :

Excitation system : Self Excited
AVR : Stamford
Voltage regulation type : electronic

This professional diesel genset has been designed to deliver power of 55 kVA even during intensive use. An automatic transfer switch is available as an option for providing back-up power to the electrical installation in the event of an outage. Can be used to guarantee power in medical services, Ephad, hotels, construction sites, data centres, packing plants, farms, greenhouses, vineyards, sawmills and water treatment stations. It is suitable for use in both back-up mode at industrial sites and for continuous use on construction sites and at events.It is fitted with a 4-pole thermal-magnetic circuit breaker with adjustable differential and a Deep Sea Digital Controller.

Extremely robust, this genset ensures exceptionally reliable production of electrical energy as a primary, additional or back-up power source and can be fitted with various options, such as B100. The B100 solves supply issues, reduces dependence on diesel and lowers production costs without affecting the durability of the genset.

This genset is equiped with four poles thermal magnetic circuit breaker with ajustable differential switches and with a DEEPSEA control panel.

An automatic transfer switch system can be added.

Also suitable for road trailers.

1-year warranty or 500 hours, whichever comes first.

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