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Impose a new economic model by becoming energy self-sufficient.

This company, which is in the process of building its new head office, would like to become energy self-sufficient and thus be able to control its costs. The company wants to reduce its environmental impact by adopting a hybrid energy solution combining photovoltaic power, storage and a generator set powered by Pure Plant Oil.


Construct a power plant using mainly renewable energy sources, backed up by a biofuel combustion system (hybrid power plant)


A 50 kWc photovoltaic power plant equipped with 200 flexible panels, each 250 Wc

+ Generator set using 100 kVA BiOil technology

+ Tanks containing diesel fuel and Pure Plant Oil (BiOil) for the generator

+ Storage facility equipped with OPZV batteries: total capacity of 312 kWh

+ 55 kW bidirectional Inverters

The photovoltaic station is installed on the roof. The storage facility and the power electronics are housed in a room located inside the building.

The generator set and the tanks are installed in a secure room, inside the building.