To finance the purchase of your next genset, get an estimate of the value of your old used genset to take advantage of a trade-in or acquisition offer from GELEC.

Simple and fast, get an estimate online to obtain an initial valuation of your genset. Just provide us with the main characteristics of your diesel or petrol genset and state if you are looking for a sale or a part-exchange against the purchase of a new genset.

You will quickly receive via e-mail an initial approximation in euros for your genset and the contact details of our sales staff who will be at your service to fine-tune the costing.

Active throughout France via its network of outlets and partners, GELEC cultivates a local service to effectively meet its customers’ needs. An expert in engineering, GELEC specialises in the acquisition of second-hand gensets of all brands…

The estimate

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The estimate of the trade-in value offered by GELEC is based on the information provided by the seller. This information enables GELEC to provide an indicative and non-contractual estimate of the trade-in value of the genset, expressed in euros inc. VAT. The estimate is calculated based on GELEC’s market knowledge in France, notably on recent transactions with our customers involving identical or similar gensets.

The estimate is provided for a genset sold by a private individual to a business, on an as-seen basis, without recourse and in cash. The proposed trade-in value is generally lower than could be obtained by selling your genset directly to another private individual, as it takes into account the costs of refurbishment, resale, warranty and the margin of the business purchaser.

Any deliberate or accidental error regarding the information provided by the owner of the genset would lead to an incorrect estimate, which could therefore not be used by the owner, the owner-company or GELEC. Should any human or computer error detected by the website lead to an incorrect error in the estimated trade-in value of the genset, GELEC undertakes to inform the owner or owner-company as soon as possible once the error has been detected. Under no circumstances may the website or GELEC be held responsible for any incorrect estimate caused by human or computer error.

General terms & conditions of acquisition or trade-in

To obtain a trade-in estimate, THE CUSTOMER must provide complete, detailed, honest and accurate information about the genset and its characteristics, including the customer’s identity and contact details, via the forms provided for this purpose on the website.

The indicative estimate will be forwarded to the User as soon as possible via e-mail to the address provided, between the hours of 09:00 and 18:00 Monday to Friday.

The estimate shall remain valid for 10 (ten) days after issue.

Should the User wish to sell their genset to GELEC, the genset must be presented with an invoice in their name or a sale contract alongside any documents requested by GELEC in accordance with the formalities agreed by the parties and within 10 (ten) days of the estimate being issued via e-mail.

Beyond the aforementioned 10 (ten) day period, a new estimate may be required. This may be obtained once again by the genset’s owner via the website, or directly by GELEC or its agent/partner appointed to inspect and value the genset.

Any significant difference in any of the information relating to the genset (notably model, type, version, engine, counter readings, colour, options, etc.) between the value estimation date on the website and the presentation of the genset to GELEC or its agent for physical inspection shall automatically cancel the estimate provided by the website and shall require a new estimate. Regarding operating hours, any difference of more than 100 hours between the description of the genset made online on the website and the actual figure at the time of the physical inspection conducted by GELEC or its agent shall constitute a significant difference for the purposes of this clause.

Above all, you are reminded that GELEC shall in no way be bound by any estimated trade-in value. The findings of the physical inspection (and any supplementary report) shall enable GELEC, should it so decide, to offer the owner of the genset an equivalent, lower or higher value to the estimate provided by the website. It may be notably revised to a lower value if:

• The genset does not fully comply with the description provided by the User via the website; or
• The physical inspection carried out on the genset reveals faults not described online via the website.

The owner of the genset shall then be at liberty to accept or refuse the new estimate of the trade-in value produced by GELEC or its agent.

If the owner of the genset accepts the trade-in value of the genset produced by GELEC, the genset must be delivered to GELEC during its hours of business within 48 (forty-eight) hours, with a maximum of 10 ADDITIONAL HOURS on the counter than at the time of inspection and/or report carried out for the genset.

The genset must be delivered by its owner, at their own expense, directly to our premises in Yffiniac (22). Unless expressly agreed in writing, GELEC will under no circumstances take possession of the genset at a location other than its premises or at the address agreed with the seller.

On delivery and sale of the genset, the owner must submit to GELEC all of the genset’s various documentation including, but not limited to, the following:

• Purchase invoice
• Original certificates of conformity
• Maintenance records and corresponding invoices
• Information about any warranty for the genset
• The user manual for the genset and its electronic equipment
• All of the genset’s socket sets (2 minimum)
• Security codes for the electronic equipment

You are reminded that only the owner of the genset duly identified by 2 (two) identity documents with a photo, one of which shall be an identity card or a passport, plus proof of address or professional function by means of a gas, electricity or phone bill or company certificate of incorporation, will be accepted as the seller of the genset. The owner must present the aforementioned documents when selling the genset at the sales outlet designated by GELEC or its agent.

If the owner of the genset accepts the trade-in value offered by the sales outlet and the genset is delivered with the documents listed above, the owner of the genset and the sales outlet shall then sign a contract of sale, subject to the terms set out in these General Terms & Conditions. Until the contract of sale has been signed by both parties, the owner of the genset and GELEC shall remain free to accept or refuse the sale/purchase of the genset.

Payment for the genset by GELEC shall be made to the owner at the selected sales outlet by cheque or direct bank transfer exclusively in the name of the owner of the genset, against exchange of all the aforementioned documentation and proof of identity and address.